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connections spur fresh inspiration.

Multidiscipline Engineering Business

Since our founding, NDS has built information and communications infrastructure that is vital to our lives. Furthermore, our involvement in construction sectors such as road communications equipment, electrical equipment and civil engineering as a multidiscipline engineering company has contributed to creating a more plentiful and comfortable society.
With the planning and technical capabilities we have cultivated through our successes, as well as our relentless boldness, we create a society that connects people and produce fresh inspiration.

Amazing Solutions to
Transform Business

ICT Solutions Business

In business, our private lives and in our studies, we employ network systems that require a diverse range of features and systems. Through our consulting, we solve customers' problems by guiding them toward optimal solutions that address their needs, while taking responsibility for everything from developing software to building, maintaining and operating systems in our integrated organization.

Safe and comfortable housing
for daily inspiration

Housing and Real Estate Business

NDS leverages our multidisciplinary capabilities to create lifestyles that feel reassuring and plentiful. Quality comes first when we work on detached houses, condominiums and other residences. In addition to our consideration for the environment and our barrier-free designs, we deliver daily inspiration through satisfying homes equipped with the NDS Groups security systems, ICT equipment and other features.