Multidiscipline Engineering

Thanks to our track record and experience extending back more than 60 years,
we offer solutions that guarantee advanced engineering and reliable quality.

Communications Equipment Engineering

These days, so many people are exchanging an array of information through communications. We support this era by installing information and communications infrastructure, as well as by building information management systems.

  • Telecom Carrier Equipment

    By building information and communications infrastructure, we support the communications that are essential to our lives.

  • Road Communications Equipment

    NDS has been involved in the ETC system since its debut. With the advanced engineering gained through that experience, we help to digitalize the roads.

  • Railway and Other Communications Equipment

    Our construction provides a setting for easy use of mobile devices on Shinkansen high-speed rail and subways.

Electrical Equipment Engineering

As we make public facilities and large commercial complexes more convenient and safe, and take care to respect the environment, we offer a one-stop solution to planning, constructing, operating and managing a diverse range of electrical equipment.

  • Indoor Building Equipment

    We consider a building in its entirety to plan and construct electrical equipment more efficiently.

  • Field Equipment

    We install field equipment tailored to the size and conditions of a construction project.

Civil Engineering

Our knowledge in underground communications equipment construction has been accumulated over many years. It helps us to perform road work, such as constructing common-use cable tunnels, water and sewerage systems, as well as pavement. It also assists us in civil engineering work, non-destructive inspections and other such work relating to buildings.

  • General Civil Engineering Work

    Our work on essential infrastructure in our lives makes a contribution to society.