NDS through the years.

May 1954
Nippon Denwa Shisetsu Co., Ltd. was established with a capitalization of 15 million yen.
October 1963
Listed in the 2nd Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
April 1973
Listed in the 1st Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
February 1991
Certified as a comprehensive contractor for NTT's communications facilities.
April 1992
Began making consolidated financial statements.
August 1993
Capitalization increased to 5,000 million yen.
March 1997
Authorized to bid for contract construction of NTT's electrical and communications facilities.
April 1998
Merged with Nagoya Tsushin Building Co., Ltd.
October 1998
Acquired ISO9001 certification (Electrical Equipment Division).
April 1999
Listed in the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 1999
Acquired ISO9001 certification (NTT Division).
April 2000
Acquired ISO9001 certification (Information Systems Division).
June 2001
Acquired ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
December 2002
Acquired OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
May 2004
Celebrated 50th anniversary of founding.
October 2004
Dissolved employees' pension insurance plan and reformed retirement benefits system.
January 2005
Acquired ISMS certification (Information Systems Division, IT Division).
October 2005
Spun off Information Systems Division as separate company (established NDS Information System Co., Ltd.).
June 2006
Reorganized management (implemented executive officer system).
January 2008
Acquired ISMS certification (entire company).
February 2008
NDS Lease Co., Ltd. became wholly-owned subsidiary.
June 2011
Bridge Motion Tomorrow Co., Ltd. became consolidated subsidiary.
March 2012
Toyocom Systems Co., Ltd. (Current trade name: NDS.TS Co., Ltd.) became wholly-owned subsidiary.
October 2012
Changed name to NDS Co., Ltd. (previous trade name: Nippon Denwa Shisetsu Co., Ltd.)

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