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Information Security Policy

NDS.TS has established the "Information Security Policy" to define our basic policies regarding information security. We continue to be a firm trusted by society, our customers, and our business partners, as each of our employees understands the importance of information security and actively practice information security measures.

  1. NDS.TS recognizes that all information (*) used in corporate activities is an important management resource, and we have positioned information security as an important part of our corporate management activities.
    (*) Customer information, private information, and confidential business information such as sales, products, technology, production and expertise are all included within this category. Our policies also include information systems that store and utilize these types of information.
  2. NDS.TS has created an appropriate management system to protect information assets, establishing rules related to information security, and clarifying responsibilities and oversight related to information security.
  3. To maintain the confidence of our stakeholders, NDS.TS has accurately identified information security risks related to corporate activities, endeavoring to ensure the continuity of our business.
  4. NDS.TS has instilled an understanding of information security among our employees, providing continuing training and education to every individual working in our firm.
  5. NDS.TS has established, and conscientiously follows, a compliance program to ensure that we conform with laws, contracts, and other statutes related to information security.
  6. NDS.TS periodically reviews our information security management system, conducting ongoing maintenance and improvement.

July 1, 2012
Takao Taga, President
NDS.TS Co., Ltd.

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