◆ NDS.TS: Creating Value that Delights

NDS.TS: Creating Value that Delights

People are our most valuable asset

Our most valuable asset is people, because only people can create the added value that we provide through software. Expertise from our accumulated knowledge and experience, people’s vitality, the creative environment that empowers people, -- at NDS.TS we want to contribute to our customers by maximizing people’s capabilities.

Our creed is to make customers happy

We are not just seeking profits. We may reject a project that we know would be profitable, if it is not beneficial to our customers. This is because our creed is to make customers happy.


We aim to create new added value by thinking and working together with customers.
Here we declare that we will always try to contribute to the future of society.

Takao Taga
Takao Taga
NDS.TS Co. Ltd.

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