◆ NDS.TS: Creating Value that Delights

Regarding development of mobile communications services operated by communication service providers, NDS.TS assists functional evaluation of wireless network devices and mobile communications terminals which constitute communications systems and all communication channels. In addition to the current 3rd generation mobile communications service, we provide development assistance for the next generation mobile communications service (LTE4 G). We also evaluate functions of terminals alone. In addition to evaluation of communications system equipment, we assist with the development of function specifications for development of terminals which constitute communications systems.

●Inspection and analysis
  • Problem reproducibility inspection service
●Defining requirements
  • Test conditions extraction service
  • Test procedure creation service
  • Test scenario specification creation service
  • Creation of test procedure manual and management tools
  • Test environment construction service
  • Proxy service for wireless system measurement
  • Proxy service for constructing wireless system measuring environment
  • Proxy service for testing
  • Test manual creation service
  • Evaluation report creation service
  • Operation testing service for installed devices
  • Creation of wireless system measuring instrument operation manuals
  • Test procedure creation service
  • Wireless system automatic test tools
●Education and training
  • Provision of advice for constructing wireless system measuring environment
  • Provision of advice for extracting evaluation test items for 3G base station
  • Consulting for test system efficiency

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