Personal Information Protection Policy

NDS Co., Ltd. (below, the Company) makes every effort to protect personal information. The Company has established the following Personal Information Protection Policy to ensure that all personal information is handled with sufficient care.

1.Information management system
The Company works to ensure proper management of personal information by providing training on personal information protection to all officers and employees working for it. The Company also appoints a contact point and responsible party in those departments that handle personal information.
2.Collecting personal information
When it collects personal information, the Company clearly states the purpose for that information and collects only the information that is necessary.
3.Using personal information
The Company uses the personal information it collects only as necessary to achieve its purpose for that information. If personal information is to be used for other than its original purpose, the Company will first notify the party to which it pertains and only use the information as notified with the party's consent.
4.Providing personal information to third parties
The Company does not provide or entrust personal information it collects to third parties unless the party to which it pertains has consented to it or the Company has been lawfully asked by a public agency, etc., to provide that information and has a legal obligation to do so.
In the event that the Company is to disclose, entrust or provide personal information to a third party, even if the party to which it pertains consents, it will make every effort to protect that information by forming an agreement with the third party on protection of the information.
5.Disclosure, correction or suspension of usage of personal information or otherwise changing how it is handled
If the party to which personal information pertains wishes the Company to disclose, correct or suspend usage of that information or otherwise change how it is handled, the Company will respond promptly if it receives notice through any of its personal information contact points.
6.Personal information safety measures
The Company will take reliable safety measures to protect personal information entrusted to it from loss, destruction, unauthorized diversion to parties outside the Company, tampering and unauthorized access.
7.Improvements to Personal Information Protection Policy
The Company will comply with laws and norms relating to personal information and will make appropriate revisions and improvements to its initiatives as listed above.

June 26, 2009

NDS Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Satoshi Tamamura

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