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[pic]President & CEO Satoshi TamamuraI would like to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to our shareholders and investors.

The basic principle of management at the NDS Group is to contribute to the realization of an affluent and comfortable society through our multidiscipline engineering, ICT solution and housing and real estate businesses based on the Company Concept of "We enthusiastically offer reliable technology, quality and service inspiring to all of our customers."

In the field of multidiscipline engineering, which is our core business, we work on securing and expanding orders for construction and maintenance of optical and mobile facilities and make efforts to expand orders for construction of road-related communication facilities and orders for construction of building electrical and communication facilities from ordinary companies, government offices, municipalities, etc., and civil works. In the ICT solution business, we work on a wide variety of projects, including nursing care support systems, VOD solutions, video solutions, installation and maintenance services for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and card solutions. Finally, in our housing and real estate business, we work to expand sales of built-for-sale housing and to expand the domain of our business and services, including the condominium rental business.

The NDS Group will organically link these businesses to maximize synergy. Based on our vision of expanding our business as a solutions and engineering group in the aim of achieving further growth, we will play a role in the development of society and will work to strengthen our business structure in the aim of improving our consolidated results through ongoing group-wide business expansion, coordinating efforts in the Tokyo Metropolitan and Kansai areas while responding flexibly to changes in the business environment.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

President & CEO
Satoshi Tamamura玉村 知史

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