Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

As citizens of the earth and as NDS employees, we wish to achieve a society that conserves its environment and is sustainable in all ways, including our business activities. Thus we take the following initiatives to contribute to society at large as we work to conserve the global environment and our irreplaceable earth.

Initiatives for Environmental Conservation

  1. We shall establish and put into practice an ISO14001 environmental management system and undertake activities to conserve the environment.
  2. Recognizing the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services, we shall continuously improve our environmental management system and environmental performance and work to prevent pollution.
  3. We shall comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which we have consented.
  4. We shall take particular action on the following environmental aspects of our activities, products and services.
    • a. Reducing waste
    • b. Conserving energy
    • c. Practicing eco-friendly design
    • d. Procuring eco-friendly goods

Environmental Businesses

Solar Power Generation Facilities

We design, construct and maintain solar power generation facilities that help users easily secure an energy source and are good for the planet too. This helps solve the increasingly serious problem of finding energy resources.

Non-Destructive Testing

We test underground objects and hollows, iron reinforcing bar within structures and more using electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves. These methods are highly precise and cause no damage to structures. This can minimize construction byproducts, noise, vibration and traffic congestion associated with testing. It can also be better for the environment and more economical, reduce construction costs and enhance maintenance and management.

Contributing to Local Communities

Community Cleanups

Employees volunteer to clean up in the community on the 20th of each month. We have continuously cleaned up around all our business locations before the start of work for over a decade.

NDS Concerts

NDS Concerts began in 1995. The 18th concert in the series took place this year. Each year we invite well-known performers to take part in the classical music concert. Many audience members are chosen by lottery from radio station FM Aichi's listeners. The series has earned a good reputation for promoting classical music.

Infrastructure Restoration

Response to Great East Japan Earthquake

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the NDS Group set up a task force to support the affected areas. About 130 employees visited those areas between March 14 and the end of April 2011 in response to appeals from communications and manufacturing companies. There, they helped in the recovery efforts.
At this time, as part of its reconstruction effort, the NDS Group is working together to help rebuild lifelines such as the communications infrastructure.

Responding to Typhoon Damage

More and more typhoons are coming ashore, and they are doing so in more seasons of the year. When they do, we work around the clock to quickly repair communications facilities cut off by heavy rain, wind and landslides.

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