Management Vision

Becoming a trusted company by putting customers first

[Pic] President & CEO Satoshi TamamuraMy name is Satoshi Tamamura, and I am the newly appointed president & CEO of NDS Co., Ltd. Together with the employees of the NDS Group, I intend to devote myself to making NDS a more valuable company to those who support our business, including our customers, shareholders and trading partners.

Since our founding in May 1954, we have expanded our business from our core business of multidiscipline engineering supporting the social information and communication infrastructure to ICT solution and housing and real estate businesses.

We aim to accurately meet our customers' needs and become a trusted company by organically integrating our businesses, namely our multidiscipline engineering business of constructing and maintaining optical facilities, mobile facilities, road-related communication facilities, building electrical and communication facilities, civil engineering facilities, etc., our ICT solution business of VOD solutions, system solutions, video solutions, installation and maintenance services for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and card solutions, and our housing and real estate business of selling built-for-sale housing and renting out condominiums.

We will work to further develop the NDS Group so that we can contribute to the realization of an affluent and comfortable society. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

President & CEO
Satoshi Tamamura

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