ICT Solutions to Support Business

The NDS Group's system solutions provide a total approach to increasingly diverse customer needs in both their hard and soft aspects. We always offer our customers solutions that are leading-edge for the times. Areas include VOD solutions, mobile equipment performance evaluations and more.

Office Solutions

We suggest ways for customers to improve their network environments and lower their costs. Examples include setting up VPN systems in customer offices, enhancing network security and setting up office networks that incorporate telephones, fax machines and multi-function printers.

[Image] Office Solutions

Home Solutions

Home Solutions networks customers' home PCs with their TVs, intercoms, security cameras, front door locks, etc. Here we introduce our Home Solutions products designed for security, energy conservation, health care and other needs.

[Image] Home Solutions

Information Service Solutions

We offer information system development, operation and maintenance, network consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

[Image] Information Service Solutions

Video Solutions

We suggest 360° videoconferencing systems and monitoring systems with a special camera we developed. We also suggest real time video-on-demand (VOD) systems for hotels and hospitals.

[Image] Video Solutions

Apple Solutions

We are a certified Apple Education Value Added Reseller. Targeting primarily educational organizations, we do large-scale implementations of Apple products, give trainings and suggest application developments.

[Image] Apple Solutions

Communications Equipment Manufacturing, Sales and Repair

In the information communications network sector (telephone line testers, access control systems, tools for destroying discarded mobile telephones, etc.), we provide product manufacturing, sales and repair to meet the needs of customers and the times.

[Image]Communications Equipment Manufacturing, Sales and Repair

Mobile equipment performance evaluation

We support performance evaluation of wireless network equipment and mobile communications terminals that make up communications systems, and evaluation of communications channels in general in the development of mobile communications services. We also develop next-generation mobile communications services and terminal function specifications, among others.

Vehicle, Equipment, etc., Leasing

We suggest ways for customers to simplify finance procurement and management tasks by leasing vehicles. The maintenance and nonlife insurance contracts we offer, moreover, can reduce the expense and trouble of complex management tasks in all types of situations, including vehicle inspections, repair and accidents.
Our service for leasing equipment, etc., gives customers suggestions on how to maintain a leading-edge office environment. We give total support that includes server work stations, PCs, multi-function printers, telephone facilities and office equipment.

[Image]Vehicle, Equipment, etc., Leasing

Installation and Maintenance Services for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

We partner with semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment makers to support field engineering services like equipment installation and maintenance.

[Image]Installation and Maintenance Services for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Temporary Staffing

We provide temporary staffing for businesses primarily in the Tokai region of Japan. Temporary staff serve as general office workers as well as technical workers and call center operators among a wide range of other jobs.

[Image]Temporary Staffing

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