Multidiscipline Engineering

All types of networks support broadband services: optical, ADSL, mobile telephone, wireless and more. The core business of NDS is communications infrastructure, or the building of these networks that transmit and process all types of data at high speed and quality.
Our 50 years of experience and technology contribute to the achievement of all types of new services from business to private use.

Cable Network Work

We design, construct and maintain cable network facilities (optical fiber, etc.) and underground information facilities (common ducts for wiring, etc.).

Mobile Network Work

We design, construct and maintain mobile network facilities (mobile telephone base stations, etc.).

Electrical, Climate Control and Sanitation Facilities Work for Buildings

We design, construct and maintain electrical facilities for buildings, from public facilities to large commercial facilities. This lets us provide one-stop service of high-added value electrical facilities tailored to each building.

ITS/ETC Facility Work

We design, construct and maintain ETC facilities, road monitoring systems, wrong-way driving prevention systems, etc. By connecting people, roads and vehicles in an information network, we help to solve road traffic problems like accidents and congestion.

Solar Power Generation Facilities Work

We design, construct and maintain solar power generation facilities that help users easily secure an energy source and are good for the planet too. This helps solve the increasingly serious problem of finding energy resources.

Charging Stand Facilities Work

With the spread of electric vehicles (EVs), etc., we help to reduce CO2 emissions by installing charging stands.

Non-Destructive Testing

We test underground objects and hollows, iron reinforcing bar within structures and more using electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves. These methods are highly precise and cause no damage to structures.
This can minimize construction byproducts, noise, vibration and traffic congestion associated with testing. It can also be better for the environment and more economical, reduce construction costs and enhance maintenance and management.

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