Satisfying All Our Customers

The NDS Group aims to satisfy all our customers through our Multidiscipline Engineering, ICT Solution, Housing and Real Estate and Business Support businesses. We ensure this satisfaction by offering reliable Technology, Quality & Service with enthusiasm.

Multidiscipline Engineering

[Image] Multidiscipline Engineering

We build information communications network facilities with the NDS Group's reliable Technology, Quality & Service for all types of settings in this sector.
We have more than 50 years of experience and technology and a will for new challenges. We are contributing to the information communications network society by building optical fiber cable facilities, mobile network facilities, ETC and other expressway information network facilities and various electrical facilities for buildings.

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ICT Solution

[Image] ICT Solution

The NDS Group's system solutions provide a total approach to increasingly diverse customer needs in both their hard and soft aspects.
We always offer our customers solutions that are leading-edge for the times. Areas include VOD solutions, mobile equipment performance evaluations and more.

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Housing and Real Estate

[Image] Housing and Real Estate

We offer detached houses and condominiums that are safe and comfortable. At all times we put quality first.
The homes we offer come with high added value, including residential facilities with Information Service sector technology from the NDS Group.
We also provide consulting to help customers use their real estate effectively and perform appraisal services that ensure real estate is evaluated accurately and fairly.

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