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Training of Personnel

Training of Personnel

Training of Human Resources

There is one activity that should precede a technological revolution. That is the training of people. At the NDS Comprehensive Technology Center, we train active technicians in every area from the basic knowledge to sophisticated advanced technologies so that they can function in this 21st Century.

Mastery of communications infrastructure construction technologies.

Mastery of Π System,α -IX and ATM-LAN and other technologies.

Improvement of Group overall strength, including subsidiaries and cooperating companies.


Training Facilities

Overhead Connection Training Facilities

In our overhead connection training facilities, trainees learn how to install connection terminal boxes, connect the conductors of cables and other tasks included in overhead construction work.Overhead Connection Training FacilitiesOverhead Connection Training Facilities

Underground Connection Training Facilities

In our underground connection training facilities, trainees learn how to install closures, connect the conductors of underground cables and perform closure airtightness tests. In addition, they learn how to perform confirmation tests after connections are completed.Underground Connection Training FacilitiesUnderground Connection Training Facilities

Optical Fiber Training Facilities

In the optical fiber training facilities, trainees learn how to install AO closures and ONU, connect the optical fiber strands, operate Π Systems and conduct performance tests such as pulse tests.Optical Fiber Training FacilitiesOptical Fiber Training Facilities

Home training facilities

In the home training facilities, trainees learn the basic technologies for home installations, including handling of high end products, as well as how to treat customers while they are performing their duties.Home training facilitiesHome training facilities

Company Training Facilities

In the company training facilities, trainees learn from equipment that approximates the facilities at the telephone company, mastering line tests, insulation tests, pulse tests and other techniques as well as learning how to assure safety and high quality.Company Training FacilitiesCompany Training Facilities

Field Training Facilities

At the field training facility where various types of poles, from concrete poles to steel poles are installed in rows, trainees learn how to traverse cables and make connections, and in addition, installation of manhole facilities for laying and connecting underground cables.Field Training FacilitiesField Training Facilities

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