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Company Outline
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Company Concept

We enthusiastically offer reliable technology and quality in order to satisfy all of our customers.

Thoughts included in our company concept

There are three key words that form the kernel of all the business activities in the NDS Group.

Enthusiasm, Customer Saticfaction, Technology, Quality

We ourselves

We in the NDS Group, as the successors to our company' s founder maintain the spirit expressed in the words "We cooperate to build this." Our group thus unitedly moves on together, building our business, and with each employee acting with autonomy and positiveness to achieve our common goals.

With Enthusiasm

The motive force of all of us in the NDS Group is a sense of enthusiasm toward our work. We always express the utmost respect for "a posture of always taking the positive attitude toward our work," "putting forth efforts to change ourselves" and "wisdom to give birth to something new," and we always have it in our hearts to maintain lively communications and a workplace which is full of activity.

In order to satisfy all of our customers

At the NDS Group, we hold that the "reason for our existence" is to satisfy our customers (a comprehensive term that includes all our business contacts, customers, stockholders and society in general). All our activities are engaged in with the ever-present thought in mind of satisfying our customers.

Reliable Technology and Quality

Our customers have the sense of assurance shown in the expression "You' re all right if you let NDS do it." We offer "technology and quality" that our customers can rely on. And this is what gives all of us in the NDS Group our strength. Through our high quality service, backed up by technologies amassed over the course of many years, our activities enable us to sense the peace of mind and reliance of our customers.

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