Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The NDS Group seeks to increase value for our shareholders and other stakeholders including business partners and employees. This requires rapid decision-making and execution of duties grounded in CSR-based management.

Corporate Governance Organizational Chart

[Chart] Corporate Governance Organizational Chart


The NDS Group has created rules on the standards of conduct that all officers are to follow in performing their day-to-day duties. Officers receive a booklet they can refer to when they face a difficult decision with compliance implications.
The Compliance Committee offers consultation services when there are compliance-related problems. Along with this we also offer a Corporate Ethics Helpline to report and discuss problems and a Compliance Office that plans and drafts compliance measures. The NDS Group practices compliance through these three organizations.
On the 15th day of each month we observe "Corporate Ethics Day." It features chances for employees to increase their understanding of compliance and other ways to promote compliance.

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